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New Way of Life

“I owe my new way of life to Dr Dan, for the understanding, and patience he showed throughout my treatments. Also, Danielle who coped with my time changes with ease. I can now bend, sit, stand, and walk with little to no restrictions.” -Carl

100% Better

“Mid back pain and stiffness slowed my down in the mornings. I didn’t seek treatment until Dr. Nugent set up a health fair @ DL High School. I scheduled a complementary exam & started Chiropractic treatment that same week. Changing appt times wasn’t a problem. Office staff always met my needs. I now feel 100% better and have resumed all activities of daily living.” -Kevin

Less Pain

“I suffered from Migraine & Cluster Headaches for the last 3 years. I did seek help from a Neurosurgeon which took xray’s, and CT Scan. I was prescribed medication for the pain. I found Dr Nugent’s ad in the Yellow Pages and decided to give Chiropractic a try. Chiropractic has helped lessen the severity of pain, and increased the length of time between headaches. “-Bill

Highly Recommended

“I highly recommend Newman Chiropractic Center. Dr. Nugent took ample time to really listen to me and assess my needs. The treatments were very effective and very comfortable. I trust Newman Chiropractic with my health and the health of my entire family.” – Dianne

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